Receive Amazon Associates Payments on Your Non-U.S. Bank Account

Amazon Associates Payments is the largest webshop in the world and has probably the largest and most successful affiliate program in the world: the Amazon Associates program. Through this affiliate program, you receive commissions of up to 10% on the sales by visitors you have sent to them. And the great thing is that this applies to the complete shopping cart of these visitors.

So it’s a huge opportunity to join as a partner of However, as soon as it comes to the payment of these commissions, you as a non-U.S. citizen quickly encounter a problem. How do you receive this money? only transfers money to bank accounts within the United States. Payments outside the US are solely done through vouchers and checks. And not via a direct transfer to your foreign bank account.

Although vouchers for a private person are fun, this is not an option for you if you are serious about affiliate marketing. Making payments by check is also far from ideal. It often takes a long time before you receive the check and the costs of having the check cashed by your bank can be high. Think of costs around $50, – (this will differ per bank). In addition, it may take several days for the bank to receive the amount through the Amazon check.

Open a United States Bank Account

To receive the affiliate income via a direct transfer you need a United States bank account. And with most banks, you will not succeed if you don’t have a home address in the United States.

Fortunately, the online platform Payoneer offers a solution. You can easily create a bank account online and wherever you are in the world, the money is transferred to this account. In addition, the costs of 1% per transaction are very acceptable.

You can then transfer the money directly from this account to your local bank account. Please note that the amount is paid in Dollars, so always check the exchange rate as soon as you transfer it.

If you sign up through this link, you will be paid $ 25 as soon as you have received more than $ 1,000 in your account.

Have fun with earning money!

PS Payoneer adds more and more countries. You can now also open a Canadian and an Australian bank account.

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